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Atlantic Builder’s Home Warranty Team and You

Posted: August, 17, 2022 | Categories: Atlantic Builders | Home Building Industry | New Home Building | New Home Values

When you purchase a home from Atlantic Builders, you get a new place to live—but that’s not all.

You also get a relationship with a company who cares.

You get award-winning home design coupled with unparalleled homeowner support.


And it all begins on your final walkthrough the day you go to close your new home.


That’s when you meet your Atlantic Builders Warranty Manager.


That’s when you start the next stage in homeownership.


Let’s explore how your Warranty Manager continues to make sure you love your new home after you move in.


Your Atlantic Builders Homeowner Guide


Carefully and thoughtfully compiled from decades of homebuilding of experience, your Atlantic Builders Homeowner Guide includes important information regarding every aspect of your new home. Your Warranty Manager will make sure you know where to find such things as warranty details, care recommendations, and seasonal maintenance tips.


He or she will also ensure you know what to do in case of an emergency, e.g., a plumbing issue. You’ll know where to find the contact info in your Homeowner Guide and your Quick Reference Magnet for the contractor assigned to your community and be nicely reminded to then get in touch with your Warranty Manager so they can make sure any needed service is done professionally and expediently.


Your Warrant Manager and Homeowner Guide work together to make the first year in your new home smooth, comfortable, and with as few surprises as possible. They form a knowledgeable team to guide you from being excited to spend that first night in your new home to being just as excited to spend your 365th night in your new home.




Your Atlantic Builders Home Warranties


Various parts of your new Atlantic Builders home come with various types of warranties. Most are automatic, but a few you do need to do a little bit to register. But we’ve made it as easy as possible to protect your most valuable investment: your new home.


First, the warranties you’ll need to do a tiny bit of work for. Every new appliance comes with a 1-year warranty. To register them, open their doors and scan the QR code inside each one. It will take you right to a website to activate each warranty. You’ll also need to register your HVAC system to extend the 2-year limited parts warranty into a full 10-year one.


Your new home has a 1-year warranty on workmanship and materials. These are all the things you can see, like flooring and cabinets. It also has a 2-year coverage of all the things you can’t see behind the walls, like plumbing, electrical wiring, and HVAC ducts. And, last but not least, your home’s structure comes with a 10-year warranty covering things like vertical concrete walls and your roof system.


Your Atlantic Builders First-Year Services


But warranties aren’t the only ways we help make sure you’re happy in your new home for years to come. Atlantic Builders has services throughout your first year to ease over any tiny bumps you may find.


First, is your 60-day review. During this review, your Warranty Manager will meet you and review little things in your new home that just aren’t quite right yet. Even with a new home, things will settle in the first few months causing such minor repairs as doors needing adjustments or squeaks in floorboards. Your Warranty Manager will help document any small issues and then schedule work to make them all right.


Next is your 10-month review and service. Again, your Warranty Manager will work with you to catalogue and correct any nail pops, stress cracks, caulking, and drywall repair needs that can commonly occur around this time as your new home adjusts to your family being inside it (with all your stuff) and the changing seasons.


If your new home has an asphalt driveway, of course we will take care of any potholes should they develop. At 12–18 months after move-in, however, your driveway will get a top coat. This helps seal in the driveway for years to come, giving you a fresh and smooth experience that’s easier to sweep, more water repellent, and increases your car’s traction.


Atlantic Builders Is Here For You


We’re here for you when you come to visit our model homes for the first time, ready to answer any questions. We’re here for you when you decide to make one of our new homes yours, ready to celebrate. We’re here when you want us to build on land you already own, ready to transform. And, most importantly, we’re here after you buy your new Atlantic Builders home to make sure it continues to bring your whole family as much joy, comfort, and contentment as we know it will.

Atlantic Builder’s Home Warranty Team and You

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