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4 People Who Help Bring Your Atlantic Builders Home To Life

Posted: September, 22, 2021 | Categories: Atlantic Builders | New Home Building

When you start the process of owning an Atlantic Builders home, there are four people who guide you along the way.


Four people who are with you through the entire building process until you are happily at home.


These are the four people you meet on your journey of owning an Atlantic Builders home.


Your Community Sales Manager

As you travel down the yellow-brick road towards the Emerald City that is your new home, you’re first introduced to your Community Sales Manager. Get ready to meet your new best friend.


Your Community Sales Manager stays with you from that first day through the day you finally move into your new home. They introduce you to and work with the other three people you’ll meet soon, and guide you through every step of the new-home buying process.


One of the first (and main) things they do is ask questions and really listen to your answers. Your Community Sales Manager’s goal is to document exactly what you are looking for in a home. They also want to know where your ideal community is and what that community offers.


Your Community Sale Manager works with you to figure out your budget, the timing of your new home needs, and all sorts of other important factors. They’ll also want to know what’s not working in your current home situation. Sometimes knowing what doesn’t work is the easiest way to figure out what will.


Once you’ve worked together to figure out where you want to call home, your Community Sales Manager will help you get your financing squared away. And, they’ll introduce you to one of our talented Design Studio Managers.


Your Design Studio Manager

During this second phase of your new home odyssey, you’ll make another new friend as you metaphorically work hand-in-hand with one of our Design Studio Managers at our amazing new Design Studio.


This is when you select things like your interior and exterior features, finishes, and colors; your home’s flooring; your kitchen backsplash, cabinets, and countertops; and so many other important details that make your new home reflect your personality, needs, and desires. Inside our Design Studio, you’ll get to not only see, but also touch samples of flooring, tile, fixtures, and all the materials that complete your home.


There are a lot of choices, but don’t fret: Your Design Studio Manager is an expert at knowing what matches with what, what’s currently trendy, and which finishes will provide the most “you” for your lifestyle. We cannot stress how much of a fun and creative process this really is. Working with your Design Studio Manager truly illustrates how personalized your new Atlantic Builders home is going to be. For a little taste of the Design Studio process, check out this behind-the-scenes video of a virtual Design Studio appointment.


Now that your home and homesite are handpicked, your finishes are finished, your permits are processing, and your financing is finalized. It’s time to meet your next best friend: your Community Project Manager.


Your Community Project Manager

It’s time to actually build your new home! Working alongside your Community Sales Manager, your Community Project Manager is there making sure the entire process runs smooth. As Kirk Landcaster, one of our Community Project Managers, put it, “My goal is to be your best friend throughout your building process.” Will you look at that: another friend!


The Community Project Mangers oversee the construction process, working with trade partners, inspectors, and everyone else involved in the building of your new Atlantic Builders home, whether it’s in one of our incredible communities or on your own land. They also coordinate four very important steps in your new home’s construction.


The first is a pre-construction meeting. At this meeting, you will get a tour of your new home site, get to see where your landscaping will be, and get your first feelings for how your home will feel on your homesite. You’ll also confirm all of your structural and Design Studio selections one final time. This is an exciting meeting for both you and your Community Project Manager, as it’s one of the first major steps in getting you into your new home.


Your next big meeting together is the pre-drywall orientation. This is your first official look at your new home—at least, most of it. The structure is up, the electrical systems and plumbing are routed where they should be, and the insulation is in place. The Community Project Manager will walk you through, making sure all the outlets, the switches, and everything else is right where it should be. This is a unique look into your new home, one you’ll never have again once the drywall goes up.


After this meeting, the rest of the hard work takes place. The drywall gets added, of course. The flooring gets installed, and all the finishes and features that make your home perfect are installed. And after it’s all in, a third-party inspector is employed to make sure everything really is as perfect as we want your new home to be.


Then it’s time for your pre-settlement demonstration, where your Community Project Manager gets to demonstrate all the cool features of your new home. You’ll also be taught about maintenance and care for all the parts of your new home—an invaluable educational experience. If the previously mentioned third-party inspection found any issues, this is where your Community Project Manager will share them with you and how Atlantic Builders will fix them. Here’s a video showing how a virtual pre-settlement demonstration works.


And then your new home is ready. It’s time for your final walkthrough and settlement date. Here is when you’ll meet your fourth friend: your Warranty Manager.


Your Warranty Manager

Actually, you’ll most likely have already met your Warranty Manager. At Atlantic Builders, our goal is to give our homebuyers a home that’s 100% clean and complete—and to do it without any surprises. So, when your keys are handed to you, and your Warranty Manager goes over the next step in the process, they’ll already be one of your friends.


These next steps, after the home is yours, ensure your Atlantic Builders home is as perfect as planned. As your new main point of contact, your Warranty Manager will check in from time to time—specifically at 2 and 10 months after closing—to see how you’re doing and make sure your new home is just right.


They are the final part of the team that not only welcomes you home, but also makes your home happy. It cannot be overstated how important your Warranty Manager is to the total Atlantic Builders buying experience.


The Atlantic Builders Difference

Four main people you meet face-to-face as your Atlantic Builders home gets built: your Community Sales Manager, Design Studio Manager, Community Project Manager, and Warranty Manager. But those four people represent teams of other employees—an entire company—working hard to make sure your entire homebuying experience is flawless.


The only way you’ll know this team is working for you is with good communication. And it’s our superlative communication that elevates the Atlantic Builders homebuying process to another level. Kind of our “secret sauce.”


No better example of our transparent prowess exists than the communication process that begins as soon as you meet your Community Project Manager. From that moment on, you will have a standing appointment each week (until a couple weeks after settlement) for a call with your Community Project Manager and your Community Sales Manager. Every week, you will get updates on what was completed on your home, as well as the construction goals for the following week.


As the weekly updates go by, you’ll quickly understand how much we care about your new home—just as much as you do. In fact, it’s a bittersweet moment for us when you move in and the weekly calls are no longer needed. But we’re overjoyed by the fact that we’ve helped create your perfect Atlantic Builders home (and we adore hearing how much our homeowners love their homes).


So, in just a few words, what’s it like owning an award-winning Atlantic Builders home? Absolutely extraordinary.


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4 People Who Help Bring Your Atlantic Builders Home To Life

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